My Journey to a Better Me


My journey towards wellness is something that has evolved over many years. Growing up, we ate whatever was quick and convenient, meaning a lot of fast food and processed food. As I got older and moved out on my own, I started to realize that my body was not happy. I was sick all of the time and the doctors just wanted to throw different medications at me. Nothing worked. It wasn't until I ended up in the hospital that I finally decided I needed to make some big changes, for me. 

I started with my diet and quickly found out that just by making a few easy tweaks, I could feel amazing. I literally didn't know that you could NOT be bloated after eating and I discovered what it actually meant to feel nourished.

Through this, my love for the kitchen grew. I taught myself how to eat healthy, and make beautiful, delicious foods on a college student budget. The more I felt the effects of feeding myself good foods, the more I wanted to immerse myself in overall wellness. 

I reconnected with my yoga practice after having been on and off with it for several years. This time, it meant more to me than just getting in some stretches. I found a place to connect with my body, my mind and heart.

I remember saying to a friend one day, "I just want to teach people how to be healthy". So I started researching and exploring how to share my passion. I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my Health Coach Certification. I learned an immense amount of information about different dietary theories and health and wellness, but most importantly, I learned about bio-individuality, which is now the cornerstone of my coaching style. I learned through experience that everyone is different. There was no "how-to" book that taught me how to get where I am today. Everyone's path is different and bio-individuality emphasizes that fact. When you understand and use this to your advantage, you can find ways to feel amazing that resonate with you, not just what someone else tells you "should" make you feel and look good. I guide clients to find and embrace their own uniqueness and to thrive from it!

The missing piece of my passion's work had been being able to share my love of yoga. However, I have recently obtained my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification through Yoga Alliance and I am thrilled to be able to share another passion of mine. I am dedicated to teaching this wealth of knowledge I have gained, not only through my teacher training program, but from my own personal practice of yoga as well. 

Professional Bio

Christine Nogueira, founder of Christine Marie Wellness and the Ignite Your Wellness Warrior Program, is committed to helping busy women live healthy lives with confidence so they can thrive as their highest selves.

Christine is a Board Certified Health Coach (AADP) who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a 200 hour RYT, certified through Yoga Alliance. She's a proud self-taught home cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen, and has a wide-ranging background in many different areas of physical activity--being an avid lover of both CrossFit and Vinyasa style yoga. On the weekends she can often be found running or hiking with her dog, Arlo. 

Christine believes that there’s more to being healthy than just eating well and exercising; it’s about building a life that feeds you physically, mentally and spiritually. Her mission is to teach women how to tune into to their bodies so that they can create a nourishing life and feel powerful and energized every single day.

Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action
— Joshua Welch