Homemade mint iced tea

When was the last time you slowed down and just observed?

One of my favorite things about the change in the seasons is the surprises that it brings. Stop what you're doing and take a walk near some flowers, have a seat and sip some cold iced tea, take in the beauty that is all around you...

I recently took a trip up to my sister’s house for a nice afternoon visit and to get to see my adorable little nephew. He’s seriously the most loveable little guy ever (in my completely unbiased opinion, haha!)

They bought their beautiful home late last year, so what spring and summer would bring for landscaping was somewhat of a mystery to them. Happily, as the days got warmer, a beautiful garden revealed itself. Before I left we took a walk out to the front of their property where she has gorgeous peonies, delicate foxgloves, tall bunches of chives, and tons of fresh mint growing. Mint is known for taking over a garden, so when I tell you she had tons of it I’m not exaggerating. She was generous enough to give me a beautiful pick of flowers, a handful of chives and a big bunch of mint.


Mint is one of my favorite herbs so I was definitely excited to have so much of it! It’s versatile in so many dishes, but one of my favorite ways to have mint is as mint tea.

I personally drink tea every night before bed. It’s a part of my evening ritual and helps to calm me down and gets me ready for sleep.

But on a hot summer day, a nice cold cup of refreshing iced mint tea definitely hits the spot. You'll still get the same benefits whether its hot or cold, so whichever way you choose to drink it doesn't matter. 

It's so simple to make, only requiring 2 ingredients! The only other requirement of my recipe is to slow down, kick back, and savor life while you sip :)


Fresh Mint Iced Tea 

1 bunch fresh mint (the leaves from about 4-5 sprigs)

4 cups boiling water

*You can also add honey or raw sugar while still warm, or citrus zest to give it a little more flavor if you’d like!


  • Wash your mint leaves and tear into smaller pieces
  • Place mint in teapot, or strainer over a glass bowl, and pour boiling water over it, making sure that the leaves are covered by the water
  • Allow to steep 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you want your tea
  • Remove mint leaves at desired strength and allow the tea to cool before refrigerating (1-2 hours)
  • Serve cold over ice with more fresh mint leaves as garnish


Mint is a perfect herb to add to your repertoire, especially in the summer.

Mint is great for digestive health, it helps to soothe your stomach, and is a great remedy for nausea. Mint can help with weight loss in a natural way by stimulating digestive enzymes.  It’s also great for oral health, freshens your breath and can keep bacteria away. Mint is also helpful with allergies and asthma and can aid in clearing congestion.