Classes & Workshops

Cooking Confidence Class:  Unless you grew up being taught by your parents how to cook, it can be hard to feel like you know what you're doing in the kitchen.  This class is designed to give you a safe environment to learn some of the basics.  Together, we will create a meal that utilizes several simple cooking techniques that you will easily be able to incorporate into your new cooking routine.

Green Smoothie Girl's Night Out: Get the girls together for a fun night of smoothie style! Learn how to build a basic green smoothie and then take it to the next level. Get the insight into UNIQUE SUPER FOODS that can boost your smoothie's healthy healing power and learn tips and tricks on how to easily fit your delicious smoothie obsession into your busy day.

Pantry Raid: Always feel like you don't have the right ingredients to actually make healthy meals? Does that box of thin mints in your cabinet keep sabotaging your efforts to eat well? Then you sound like you need a pantry overhaul.  I will help you get rid of all the un-necessary junk that's blocking your path to healthy, (its a very freeing experience) and then re-stock it with the best essentials to kick start you on your healthy journey.

Grocery Store Tour: Does going grocery shopping feel like a chore?  Do you always feel like you spent so much money and you still have nothing to eat?  I will teach you how to get the most out of your grocery shopping experience. You'll learn how to navigate the aisles efficiently, shop in a way that maximizes your budget and meal building potential, and learn how to read labels so you feel confident in the foods you are buying.