Ignite Your Wellness Warrior

12 weeks to a healthier, stronger, more balanced you

Navigating the world of what is and isn't healthy these days can be challenging. But you are ready to finally get some answers and to start feeling your ABSOLUTE BEST. 

Imagine how amazing you can feel when you are living as a Wellness Warrior. You stand tall and confident in your body. You understand how to fuel yourself for energy and effortless strength. You live a life that brings you joy and ease every single day. A Wellness Warrior understands their body and its needs, and can harnesses their inner strength to move through their life with power and grace.  You are healthy, confident, strong, and balanced inside and out. 

The Wellness Warrior program will ignite your vision of the healthiest person you can be and fully support you in your journey towards achieving that highest self. You will be guided by a coach who is commited to creating a loving, supportive space for you to explore and grow in all areas of health, physically, mentally and spiritually. You will have the guidance, support, accountability and encouragement you need to make bigger changes than you have ever made before and to transform yourself into someone who completely embodies their health from the inside out.

Who is this program for?

This program is for the person who is ready to let go of self-doubt and take back control of their life.  They are eager to double their energy, create ease and balance in their life, and to shine with confidence. They are tired of all of the guess work and ready to receive step-by-step guidance and support towards feeling balanced and vibrant in their life and body.


What can you expect in this program?

We will take a snapshot of your life as it is now and zoom in on key areas that are creating blocks, preventing you from being your strongest, healthiest self. In this 3-month journey together, you will learn how to break free from these constraints and find effortlessness in your day that will allow you to flourish. 


What’s included in the experience?

1 90-minute Inspiration Intensive

In this first session together we will get clear on your wellness vision and start mapping out your path towards becoming a Wellness Warrior! This first session is highly customizable since no one person’s goals or path will look the same.

8 Fire and Flow 50-minute coaching sessions

These powerful coaching sessions will keep your passion burning bright while helping you accomplish your goals with poise and ease.  I will guide you towards releasing limiting beliefs and finding a true passion within yourself.  Working together, we will build a life of healthy habits that flow effortlessly day to day.

Month 1:

The focus of the first month is building the basics of YOUR healthy diet.

Some of your accomplishments in the first month may include:

·         Learn what foods make you feel nourished energized and radiant

·         Clean out your pantry and learn how to restock those shelves to set you up for success

·         Learn basic cooking skills and gain confidence in the kitchen

·         Create simple, quick meals that support your busy lifestyle

Month 2:

The second month is about getting organized to make your life work for you, instead of having it feel like work

Some of your accomplishments in the second month may include:

·         Create mornings that energize you and set you up for daily success

·         Learn how to structure your week so that you can get more things done in less time (hint: multi-tasking DOESN’T work!)

·         Find a flow and balance in your evenings so you aren’t rushed or overwhelmed with dinner/family needs

·         Develop a meal planning/prep routine to support the amazing diet changes you’ve made

·         Learn the secrets of implementing new habits that you actually stick to and love doing

Month 3:

The focus of the third month is cultivating a loving connection with yourself through heart centered practices that will strengthen your body and mind.

Some of your accomplishments in the third month may include:

·         Find a form of physical activity that your body loves and craves

·         Learn how to bring mindfulness to your daily activities to feel more present and alive

·         Cultivate confidence in your body and your own capabilities

·         Strengthen positive relationships in your life that nourish you mentally and emotionally

·         Create space to take care of yourself which will allow you to better care for others in your life

Gifts and Bonuses designed especially for you

At the beginning of the program, you will receive a personal welcome package filled with goodies that will inspire and excite you for our journey together!

Email support throughout the week

I want to make sure that you feel confident and supported throughout the program. If you have questions between sessions feel free to email me and I will respond within 24 hours.

This program is for you if:

You are ready to step out of your rut and into the person you know you can become. This program is for you if you are excited to let go of the stress and confusion of trying to do everything yourself and are ready to receive support and guidance in your journey from a coach who believes in you and knows you can achieve your hearts desires. This program is for you if you are finally ready to make life-lasting changes that will elevate and transform you and your life.

Your Investment in the Ignite Your Wellness Warrior Program is

$1,295 or 3 payments of $450

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