Since I was 8 I struggled with Migraines. I have tried numerous approaches, lots of doctors and lots of different medicines from prescription to natural with no results. I felt hopeless until I came upon Christine website and this is where I finally found hope. I learned so much about food and about me as a person. She takes the time to listen to what is going on in your daily life and to help you balance and manage yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself you are no good to anybody else. For someone who likes to take care of everyone else first you realize it is not being selfish to put you on the list. She helped me to manage putting me on my list, meal prep (I am so grateful for this every week with our busy schedule) and she has helped so much more. I no longer feel hopeless and that is a great feeling.
— Stacey
I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve tried diet after diet and although some worked in the short term, I inevitably gained the weight back as soon as I reached my goal and went back to my old habits. Christine has taught me so much about not just eating healthy, but living healthy. I learned how to pay attention to not only the food I am eating, but how I am eating it and why I am eating it. She has guided me in making better decisions in every aspect of my life. As a result, I pay more attention to what I eat and when I am full, I make sure I find time for myself daily, and I stand up for myself and what I want for my life. Most importantly I have learned how to appreciate where I am, live my life for who I want to be, and love the person that I have become
— Merissa
Being a stay at home mother of a 1 year old it’s hard to stay on top of eating healthy. But Christine’s program teaches you, at your pace, that it is possible. This also allowed me to bring what I have learned to my families dinner table, which helped my husband lose 25lbs! I would definitely recommend this program!
— Patricia
Working with Christine helped me to learn a lot about myself. I’ve never been a person who struggled with my weight UNTIL my later 20’s, so basically I would eat, drink and do whatever I wanted WITHOUT a consistent amount of exercise and have no major consequence. Well I learned the hard way over the last few years that what I have been doing really wasn’t working for me anymore. Christine helped me to see health as not a number (calories, pounds, etc.) but rather a combination of everything in my life. Yes, you can definitely eat less and work out more but how long is that going to last without something in life taking you in a different direction, and you just end up at square one. Christine is able to work with you on figuring out where things tend to go wrong, and working on fixing and adding things into your health and wellness routine. She’s a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful listener. You never feel judge or like you failed, because as a people, we are all a work in progress from day to day. If you’re ready to take the time for yourself, you will not be disappointed in working with Christine!
— Jennifer
Being overweight all my life, I have been through so many fad diets and plans that simply didn’t work. Christine has taught me to approach how and what I eat in a broader context then simply “stop eating this” and “eat more of that”. The program encompasses your entire daily life the choices you make navigating it. The most important thing she has done is teach me how to listen to my body. For decades, since I was a 10 year old troublemaker, my body has been sending all the signals that I need to change my eating habits. I’ve only started listening for the last 3 months or so. Not only do I listen but I’m choosing the foods that will effectively respond to what my body needs and in turn change the dynamics of my life for the better.
— Daniel